Posted by | March 5, 2016
CLIMA 2016 in Hialeah during Art Basel week

CLIMA Home | Main 2016 | Gallery | Statement | Press | Events | Livestream Cortada works: Do Not Open | Climate Refugees | Hot for Hialeah | Psychoanalysis of Climate Change | Reclamation Project | Flor 500 LTER : Everglades (Florida) | HJ Andrews (Oregon) | Hubbard Brook (New Hampshire)...

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Posted by | May 5, 2016
Ecohumanities for Cities in Crisis: A Public Event Series Bringing Miami Together to Discuss Our Future

FIU SEAS and FIU CARTA Artist-in-Residence Xavier Cortada will be one of three speakers to discuss art, environmentalism and activism as part of Ecohumanities for Cities in Crisis: A Public Event...

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Posted by | February 11, 2016
2016 Miami Mini Maker Faire

  Make a flag: Plant it next to a native tree at home and state, "I hereby reclaim this land for nature." Make a statement: The green flag makes people...

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Posted by | December 13, 2015
CLIMA: Closing Reception

        Main | Statement | Gallery | Press | Events | Livestream CLOSING RECEPTION Thursday, January 28th, 2016   Photo by C.M. Guerrero, El Nuevo Herald -- Back to all...

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Posted by | April 15, 2015
Native Flags: Earth Day Reforestation in Miami-Dade County Schools

  Home | North Pole Video | Get Flag | Upload photo Follow Blog | Like Facebook| See Reclamation Project (MDCPS schools) | See Miami Beach Earth Day 2013 The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science (Museum Volunteers for the Environment), Deering Estates and the FIU College...

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