Joe Moretti Apartments

240 SW 9th Street Miami, FL 33130

Xavier Cortada is the Miami artist chosen to create public art for this building – the Joe Moretti building. His works portray the beauty of nature by showcasing three pollinators found in the hardwood hammock that originally covered the site: The dragonfly flies in six directions; the butterfly captures you with the beauty of its wings, and the bioluminencent click beetle emits light. These pollinators are the subject of the ceramic murals and installations on the grounds of the building.

Flores de Cocuyos: The Cocuyos, or click beetles, bring mysterious light into the night sky. Similarly, our community elders’ knowledge and experience, lead us into new realms. In this mural, humble insects have arranged themselves to form 40 beautiful flowers.

Baile de las Mariposas: This colorful sea of butterfly wings dancing across the sky is an invitation to all who gather here to live life to the fullest. Working in numerous mediums, the artist is devoted to interweaving the natural world and the community of mankind.

Odonata: Dragonflies inspire all who behold them to explore the world in six directions! Navigate the streets to find camaraderie, cultural enrichment and stimulation. Attune your senses to the ever-changing colors, sounds and moods of nature.